Clients… Users… You just have to laugh

Melissa had me watch a video this evening, and it rings so true that it hurts. Part of you laughs. Part of you cries. Then you have to think, “How many times has this happened to me?” Upon reflection you think, “How many times have I done this?” We all have done it, too:

After watching that, I made Melissa watch another video that focuses on tech support, but brings out those same emotions:

Dell Latitude E4300 and WDS Boot Issue

Set up Windows Depolyment Services (WDS) on the server. Load the boot.wim off of the Vista DVD. Load the install.wim off the Vista DVD. Boot your new Dell Latitude E4300 laptop using PXE, and start booting into Windows PE. Then, before you can get anywhere: WdsClient: An error occurred while starting networking: a matching network […]