2010 Marine Corps Marathon

On October 31st, Melissa ran the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC. This was her second marathon, but since we were out of town and with the size of the event being much larger than the first one, we were both just as excited as the first. As many people do when they are excited about an event, we researched the event online before it started, and we looked online to find photos and videos after the event.

And this is the real reason for this post: just a reminder of how fast information flows in today’s world. The video above was posted to YouTube the same day of the marathon. Considering that this blog is being written three weeks after the event (hey, we’ve been traveling…) I have to give Lee Hoedl points for promptness. Well done.

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!

As long as I can remember, my family enjoyed Beaujolais Nouveau soon after, if not the day of, it’s release date. Since I was a child, my mother would order a couple of bottles by air freight, just so friends and family could have a taste before that sea shipments made it over here from […]