Google: Comic Sans for Everyone

Today Google announces a new initiative: Comic Sans for Everyone. To the dismay of graphic designers and web programmers everywhere, Google is going to make Comic Sans the default font across all Google products on April 4th.

“Whether it’s search results, text ads, emails, or documents, our research has consistently shown that the most effective way to achieve user happiness and higher conversion rates is to use the Comic Sans font.”

Thankfully, this is joke. For years now, Google has been the master of the April Fools prank, and this year is no exception. What really puts a polish on this one is that Google has made a Chome browser extension that renders all web pages in Comic Sans, as well as creating and Easter egg (of sorts) that automatically changes the font of your results page when you Google Comic Sans. That not enough for you? Then Google Helvetica and see what happens.

Do you love Comic Sans and do not understand why graphic designers bash it? Head over to Comic Sans Criminal for a quick lesson on how not to use Comic Sans, as well as some alternatives.

Also, for those of you keeping count, Google has actually done a few pranks today. I’ll leave you with one more, and you can find the rest on your own.