‘The best camera is the one you have with you’

So, Jeff has been showing off this iphone app to me every chance he gets for at least the past year. And until recently I’ve all but practically ignored him. That is, until he took a photo of a martini and then edited it, using the app, and brought it from a “good photo” to a piece of art. I downloaded the app the next day.

It’s simple to use. It also has enough options that should you choose, you can make some really great things with it. I’ve spent the past few days going through iphone photos and seeing what kind of magic I can make …

 Arizona sunset before:

Somewhere between Las Vegas and Phoenix ...

Arizona sunset after:


MIX restaurant menu before:

MIX restaurant menu after:

Starbucks before:

Starbucks after:

I’ll put some more of the photos I’ve edited on my personal blog if you want to take a look.

At just $2.99, I found this app well worth it. Happy photo editing!