Go ahead, judge the cover

Call me old-fashioned, but I still read my books the “regular” way. The only reason for that, truthfully, is that I don’t have my own iPad yet and I’m afraid I can’t pry Jeff’s out of his hands long enough to get through an entire book without him getting the shakes.

That would be the only reason I haven’t yet read this new book, which has only been out for a couple of weeks. But I do feel like I know quite a bit about it, simply because MOD had the pleasure of designing the cover.

The debut novel of Elizabeth Ann West features a soon-to-be groom who has a growing problem – literally. A former one-night-stand shows up with some baby news. Can he handle her, his problems with his company, and of course, save his future marriage?

I don’t know the answers yet, either. Elizabeth and I are working on her print on demand cover now, which will be out soon, and I’ll be one of the first to buy it. But if you have an e-reader, go ahead and and download away – she’s been getting rave reviews!