Behind the scenes is the best part

Looking around the crowd, I felt like I should hurry up and get to work so I didn’t miss deadline.

But there were no computers or police scanners or even clocks at this gathering. Only the lake, burgers and beer.

This past weekend, many of my former colleagues and I gathered at Lake Wylie to celebrate a place we’d once known during our journalism careers – The Herald newspaper. We laughed and talked and told stories and enjoyed each others’ company.

The person planning the event, Ken, asked everyone to submit stories about their lives in the early days of working in the newsroom. He asked me to gather those responses – and what better way to do that, than in newspaper form?

Here are the pages I designed ahead of the event:










Of course, not everyone submitted answers, and not all the stories were told. I heard a couple more at the event that I just had to share with you – they can be found on my personal blog, here. Enjoy your insider’s look into what newspaper life was really like!


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