Marketing in a mobile landscape

Google Fiber offices in Uptown Charlotte.

Google Fiber offices in Uptown Charlotte.

“This is the year of mobile …

“Oh wait, this is the year of mobile …

“No, this is the year of …

“Hang on, I think that was the year of mobile.”

Tim Reis, Director, Performance Agencies Program, Google

This was the message to markers on Wednesday afternoon in the brand-new Google Fiber offices, at a luncheon/seminar hosted by EDreamz. Google representatives visited from New York to talk in Uptown Charlotte about how to exist in a landscape that is constantly switching from virtual to reality. Mobile marketing has come on so fast, Tim Reis said, that it was almost impossible to predict when it was going to take over: one day, it just did.

As an example, Reis talked about the difficulties faced by brick-and-mortar retailers, as customers will be standing in their retail space, staring at a product on the shelves, and looking it up and purchasing online for cheaper. This is the world we live in now, like it or not, Reis said, so it’s our jobs as marketers to speak to the potential customers at the right time.

Even browser use on a desktop computer is not what marketers should focus on anymore¬†– it’s all about the phone, the tablet, the watch.

Items marketers can focus on:

  • Friction. Specifically, how to remove friction from the consumer’s life.¬†Ironically, says Reis, “the more frictionless our lives become, the less we tolerate friction.” How to do this? Eliminate unnecessary steps. If a site takes too long to load; if a site asks for city, state and ZIP code, when all it really needs to ask for is ZIP code and it should know the rest; if a web site isn’t intuitive: those are all friction points.
  • Creating micro-moments. The way we use the Internet has changed. “Browsers have sessions but people have moments,” a Google ad states. “Digital strategists are thinking about those moments,” said Molly Dince, Agency Development Manager for Google.
  • What are the moments where we are the right answer? Set up campaigns ahead of time – so that when someone needs what you provide, you are ready for them. “Your biggest opportunity is the smallest moments,” Reis said.

In summery, it’s all about sending the right message, at the right time, to a world that is interchangeable between actual reality and mobile every hour of the day.

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