Book cover design and flattery

When a client writes this blog post headline: “Hire Melissa Oyler for your cover art” you know the word “flattered” doesn’t even begin to describe what we are feeling.

I’ll first show off her new cover art, created by us, and then I’ll tell you to head over to her blog to read more about the creative process and symbolism behind the story. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to read this one.


3 Responses to “ Book cover design and flattery ”

  1. That headline was for SEO purposes. Gets right to the point and should pop up for Hire cover artist. I’m a sneaky one.

  2. Too funny, I’m also a Melissa Oyler, AND I have a degree in graphic design, AND I layout books for a living (not novels though, technical manuals). Strange but true. 😉 I was wondering what font you used for the “STONE”. It’s a very elegant but strong serif IMHO. Just from the little bit I’ve read it sounds like that’s exactly what you were going for. Great job!

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