Does having Dreamweaver CS5 make you cool?

Since the announcement last week of free CS5 training on creativeLIVE, I have been waiting for the Dreamweaver CS5 introduction. Since this is the tool that I personally use the most, it was quite the tease to have this segment of the Creative Suite CS5 series last. That being said, here I am, 6pm EDT, still at work and loving every minute of it…until the damn live feed crashed!

Now we are back online…

So, not a comprehensive list, but some of my favorites are:

  • Site definition overhaul: much easier and faster to get a new site ready for editing.
  • Multiple FTP servers: read, live server / test server / review server, etc.
  • Improved templates: I do not really use these, but nice to have.
  • Live web pages inside the application: this rocks! This is a great way to study other sites and layouts, pick apart the HTML and CSS. I have used Firebug in the past for this (and there is F12 in Internet Explorer) but by the looks of it, this built in functionality is going to be nice.
  • Inspect mode, seeing the box model: again like Firebug and F12, but without having to publish the code and then view online first. Great addition. I use this all the time to help visualize the padding and margin settings in the page.
  • Toggle CSS properties on/off: testing the CSS interactions (cascades) are going to be much easier. Basically, Dreamweaver will just comment out parts of the CSS for your testing. Nice.
  • Adobe CS Live Browser Lab: Free for now, but they will charge once we are hooked. Where have I heard this business model before? Anyway, you can preview your page in the Adobe Live Browser Lab (online) and you can view it rendered in various browsers on various operating systems. this is really a killer service for cross-platform testing of sites. I have found a few other alternatives (; but this is integrated and FAST. Also, the onionskin feature is freakin’ sweet.
  • Better PHP support: I love me some PHP, so again a great add (for selfish reasons.) improved code hints and references, but not working in the demo today. Could just be the pre-release code. Update: they got it to work by ‘telling’ Dreamweaver it is a PHP page. Looks like there is PHP syntax checking, too.
  • CMS support: WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal support right out of the box. Oh, hell yes. You need a test server to make it work, but a simple local one will work. Live rendering of the CMS code from within Dreamweaver. Up until now, I always have a couple of browser windows open to view the changes I am making, uploading to the web server after each little change. This could save a ton of time. Love it.

Overall, some really nice additions to the Dreamweaver package. It is almost like someone was reading my mind when they added these features. What are your favorites?

Now time to go back to finishing this website…

4 Responses to “ Does having Dreamweaver CS5 make you cool? ”

  1. Jeffrey says:

    This post got a great shout-out during the live brodcast of Dreamweaver CS5: Audience Q&A (16 minutes and 25 seconds in.) Very cool.

  2. Chris says:

    Very happy to hear about better PHP support and syntax checking. I think that combined with CMS support will increase efficiency ten-fold. Looking forward to it!

    Good post.

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