Reasons I’ll spend my pennies on CS5

I’ve been watching the creativeLIVE CS5 sessions. I did this upon Jeffrey’s recommendation. I’m not always thrilled about watching videos to learn software – I’m much more of a “learn by doing” student. However, I have gotten a lot more out of these sessions, led by Jason and Steve, then I expected to.  I now know enough about CS5’s new features that I was more than slightly bummed to pull up InDesign CS4 this morning to do some design work. That must mean CS5 is on the top of my to-get list!

Today I will talk about InDesign’s CS5 features. I use InDesign, followed by Illustrator, for most of my design work, since my focus is on print design. Jeff uses more web-based programs. So, being a print girl, I perked up at the InDesign webinar. And of course laughed at all the folks in the chat room yesterday stating “Who cares about InDesign anyway?” The answer is me!

Features that I’m looking forward to:

  • Ability to package fonts with the InDesign file – so that fonts are never missing. Genius! The webinar had a snafu while they were showing this feature during today’s session, so hopefully the real version will be flaw-free.
  • Can create files for print or web during document selection. If you choose web, you can also select pixels as measurements.
  • Can begin with page numbers other than 1.
  • Can create multiple page sizes within a document. Business cards, brochures, letterhead all in one document … how great is that? I’m so used to creating multiple files for one client’s print products – this will be really organized.
  • Ability to edit corners on the page without going through the menu – and can change just one corner if you want.
  • Fill/stroke options in toolbar – easier access.
  • Drag/drop from color options to object that you want filled.
  • Create multiple shapes by using arrow keys (right arrow adds shapes to the right, left takes away, up adds rows, down takes away rows)
  • New gap tool which will help to change placement of the gap between objects.
  • Holding shift and moving selected object boxes allows the space between objects to change shape rather than the objects themselves.
  •  New “grabber” allows movement of object within a box without having to use indirect selection tool.
  • Static/live captions. I’m drooling over this one. Will make magazine designing so much more streamlined. The captions written in Lightroom and are attached to the files when placed in InDesign.
  • Vertical align text even on non-square objects.
  • Ahhhh. Balance of columns now exists. No more uneven text.
  • Preview automatically checked now, instead of automatically unchecked. A small move, but will take away that previous annoyance!
  • Span columns and split columns. Columns within columns. Really great for a list within an article.
  • Animations in InDesign? Interesting. Wow, can import movies/sound. This will be great when creating ePubs or iPad documents. Jason and Steve say we can export as print PDF or interactive PDF. Also eps files or as Flash files.

We’re certainly moving away from old-school print, aren’t we, folks? “Print is not dead, but it’s not alone,” Jason and Steve said.

  • Mini bridge – that’s pretty cool.

Given all the new features, the webinar guys suggest we all have 3 monitors to make everything look perfect.  One for document, one for panels, one for mini bridge. Cheers to that one – let’s all go monitor shopping!

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  1. Wes says:

    Font Packaging is definitely an “about f’ing time” feature, along with multiple document sizes and starting from something other than P1. Think it’s interesting to see Adobe turn InDesign into more of a Multimedia tool than a simple page design app. It does make sense given how the print and online mediums are changing.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    You just got a RT from @creativetechs … and here I am in the middle of converting the site to WordPress. At least I got the comments section up and styled a bit!

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