Nothing to do but Write

So, there is this guy we know who goes by Joe The Peacock, and he’s a dick. When I use the term “we know” it is really to say that Melissa knows him (special thanks to Baroness Heather,) and I hung out with him once during a trip he made to Charlotte. One day, I plan to make the short trip down to Atlanta and have a real round of the “name the band playing” game with Joe. My impression is that, depending on where the music is coming from, the match could go either way. My advise is, all things considered, bet on the home team (not me.)

Now, back to Joe. It seems he found himself with some time on his hands, and decided to finally write a guide to writing, publishing, and selling a book. This is of particular interest, as Joe has many talents, including writing, website design, and the “Art of Akira.” In fact, I just got done reading his second book “Mentally Incontinent” and it rocked. This book hit so close to home that I have started to consider writing down some of my own stories. Make no mistake now, because if I do, I will only be the copy. Joe is the original. Here is Joe’s guide:

The Absolute No-Bulls**t Guide To Writing, Publishing And Selling A Book, by Joe “the” Peacock

Now go read. Then write.

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