Microsoft Moving to WordPress

So I get an email today from a friend of mine:

Thought you may get a kick out of this.

Windows Live being migrated to WordPress

Specifically, it looks like Microsoft is moving the Windows Live blogging service to Is it April 1st again? No. Sure wasn’t expecting that one, but as a someone who appreciates WordPress,  I do like the way this sounds. Nothing against Microsoft, mind you, but WordPress really is a fantastic platform, and is one of the best free blogging sites out there. Burried in the announcement are some surprising facts, too:

  • Microsoft has 7 million blogs
  • WordPress has 26 million sites
  • WordPress claims 8.5% of the web

More information, and the announcement video can be found over at TechCrunch. Also, here are the links for Microsoft and Automattic the makers of WordPress and

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