Favor Books

Etiquette suggests guests arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. Our favor books give guests something to read – the story of you.

Prices begin at $300.

Combine program and favor costs

Include photos from bridal showers or engagment parties, even bachelor and bachelorette parties (if you dare.) We can put your program information inside of your favor book, eliminating the need to pay for printing and design costs for programs.

  • Custom book showcasing your engagement story
  • Print-ready files for you to use as desired (.pdf or .jpeg)
  • We can coordinate with print labs if you prefer
  • Custom design begins at $300 for 30 pages (15 spreads)
  • Each additional spreads are $15 apiece.
  • If purchasing album of the same dimension, this will go toward cost of album if you use engagement spreads in album.
  • Printing quotes available based on number of books desired.