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Feature article: Melissa writes about Coreology for NoDa News

Recently, Melissa had the pleasure of writing about boutique fitness studio Core•ology for the NoDa News. Below is the layout and text of the article. Enjoy!

Article: Melissa Oyler
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Photo by Melissa Oyler

NoDa’s boutique fitness studio offers sweat sessions before the day begins

By Melissa Oyler

36TH STREET — It’s before dawn in NoDa, and the only things awake are a dog walking his owner, a coffee drinker migrating from Smelly Cat back home and Mother Nature offering up some heavy fog.

That is, until the corner is turned and one finds the tiny house across from Heist on Davidson Street. It may be 6 a.m., but the inside of this house-turned-fitness studio is wide awake: there’s music pumping and a girl calling out encouraging phrases just inside the door.

Core•ology doesn’t care that the sun hasn’t come up.

Instructor Emily Young is finishing up the 5:30 a.m. Core•ology class and is getting ready for the Core•stretch session at 6:30. Between classes, Young demonstrates the equipment to new students and commits all the students’ names to heart (this becomes clear as class goes on and she’s able to address clients individually).

For the next 50 minutes, 8 students sweat it out on Megaformers (using the Lagree Fitness method). The machines resemble weight benches on steroids, with handles and weights and cables available to assist in targeted, resistance-based workouts.

Core•ology owners Chase and Kate Colton found their studio’s home in NoDa in October 2015. The couple had lived in Washington, D.C., where Kate taught Megaformer fitness classes. They also have a location in Lake Norman.

Different classes target different areas: The Core•ology classes are designed to be a full-body, cardio-strength workout, while the Core•stretch classes are 25 minutes of core/obliques/lower back and 25 minutes of stretching, yoga style. And night owls, not to worry: they have classes other times besides pre-dawn hours.

New students often confuse the classes with Pilates, Kate Colton said, but that’s not entirely accurate. She said a more apt description would be “If Crossfit and Pilates had a baby, it would be Core•ology.”

The majority of the Coltons’ clients are residents of NoDa, Plaza Midwood or South End. Kate said being part of NoDa is a great fit for the studio. “We loved the vibe of everything around here,” Kate said. “We found this cute house that made everything even better.”

Plaza Midwood resident Jane Cook said she visits the studio an average of three times a week. She got hooked on regular classes after taking part in the studio’s “12 Shakes of Christmas” challenge over the holidays. She touted the business owners’ dedication to hosting charitable events as well as the fitness community at the studio. “The instructors are so positive,” Cook said, “and they encourage you to meet your neighbor!” Megaformer neighbor, that is.

T-shirts for sale only encourage the positive energy the studio is offering up, with sayings such as “My Legs are Hungover” and “Embrace the Shake”. Before or after class, students can help themselves to the self-serve beverage and snack bar, which includes cold-brew Enderly Coffee, Clean Juice, Brüks Bars, Lenny Boy Kombucha and bottled water. This only adds to the community vibe of the place.

“I like to say it’s a hidden gem, not a gym,” Kate Colton said.


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Your abs will thank us later!

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