Natural Awakenings Charlotte

Nontraditional Namaste: Modern yoga in Charlotte


Recently, I had the pleasure of combining several things I love into one project: writing, photography, layout and yoga. Natural Awakenings Charlotte’s annual yoga edition was released this month, and I wrote a story about how the landscape of yoga has shifted. Charlotte itself offers a variety of forms of yoga: from MMA yoga to AcroYoga, from yoga on silks to yoga at breweries. All of these activities take the ancient art and add modern twists. I also had the pleasure of photographing Arrichion instructor Kurtis Cloward assisting yoga students Jenna Rose and Jaclyn Sunseri practicing AcroYoga. Additionally, I do the layout each month for Natural Awakenings Charlotte, and my yoga story and sidebar was no exception.


Additionally, I wrote and edited a sidebar about restorative yoga in Charlotte — and I was able to learn so much about what restorative yoga is and how it varies from deep stretch. Yoga instructor Ashley Masters helped me break down the differences between the two, and although I had attended a restorative yoga class before, she helped me to really understand what the terms mean.

They say you should “write what you know” and I definitely took that to heart with this project. I’ve been personally practicing yoga for just a few years now, and I felt the opportunity to write these stories allowed me to deepen my practice further.

Please look for Natural Awakenings Charlotte around the city this month, or you can read the Nontraditional Namaste story here, and the Restorative Yoga in Charlotte story here.

Special thanks to the following sources for these stories: Arrichion Hot Yoga, AIR Charlotte, Okra Yoga, OMB Yoga on Tap, Harmony Yoga, The Yoga Dude, NC Yoga Bar, Be Yoga and NoDa Yoga.